Beach /Marina Comm.


This committee will manage all dock and lakeshore facilities owned by the Baycrest Homeowner’s Association. The duties shall include supervising the installation and removal of the marina facilities each season; oversee the maintenance of the shoreline and other recreational facilities. The Committee is expected to make recommendations to the Board for the purchase of equipment. The Committee is to see that parking is made available for vehicles. The Committee is to work with the Beautification Committee to see that the marina and lakeshore is attractive and well kept.

Board Rep.:  Dave Baukol             320-226-8544

Lyle Rambow                                 320-287-3296

Gordy Hagert                                 763-276-1292

Janet Knoll                                          634-3820

Jeff Colla                                        612-723-8273  

Beach and Marina Annual Report 2016

This committee manages the dock and lake shore facilities owned by Baycrest HOA.  Duties include: supervising installation and removal of facilities each season, oversee maintenance of dock and shoreline and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for possible purchase of equipment, see that parking is made available for vehicles and to work with Beautification Committee to see the shoreline and marina are kept attactive.


It has been a very good year at the Beach and Marina. Twenty-six (26) boat/pontoon slips are being used and three (3) jet ski lifts. The dock is in excellent shape and the swimming beach with three buoys has worked out well. Residents have been enjoying beachside picnics and campfires. A reminder to please always use the campfire ring, when enjoying a fire with friends!  The renovated crow’s nest turned out great and has received compliments from many people. Thanks to Al and Doyle!

Last summer, we added a trash can which is working well. If you would like to help empty the trash can, new bags are available in the wood box right next to the trash can.  Please take the full bag to the Baycrest Collection Center.  Marina revenue from slip fees generated $7,600. Expenses totaled $7,060. Revenue for lift install and removal totaled $3,475 and expenses were $2,625.  There have been years that the revenues have been less than the expenses.  A complete financial report is available for the past several years.  

Respectfully Submitted,  Lyle Rambow