October 27, 2014


Flolo Home – Monday, October 27, 2014

President Don Flolo opened the meeting at 7:03 p.m.

Members present:  Al Braaten, Mike Chevalier, and Don Flolo; also present: Chet Bisel, Bookkeeper, Virgil Christianson, Secretary-Treasurer; Absent: David Baukol, Board member, Lyle Rambow, Board Member

Agenda Approval: Motion was made by Braaten, seconded by Chevalier to approve the agenda as presented.  Unanimous consent.

Minutes Approval: Motion was made by Chevalier, seconded by Braaten to approve the minutes of September 22, 2014.  Unanimous consent.  


The Board discussed a resident complaint about a dog that was on the loose and actively confronted their dog who was on a leash.  In addition, there have been complaints about dog waste left on common property particularly near the beach area.  The Board reminds residents of the pet policy that requires direct control of pets.  The Board discussed changing the direct control to “maintaining leash control at all times” while on Baycrest property.    

The Board reviewed the communication from a resident regarding the Board’s concern on the installed patio.  After discussion, the Board agreed to respond in writing to address their concerns and to attempt to schedule a meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:    Virgil Christianson and Chet Bisel presented the Treasurer’s Report.  From September 23, 2014 through October 27, 2014 a total of 16 checks were written for a total of $16,888.85. There were 10 deposits for a total of $16,118.72. A September 30, 2014 and an October 27, 2014 Balance Sheets were presented showing cash balance of $80,198.72 on October 27, 2014. The September 30 P & L Statement showed Revenues to date of $76,302.94 and Expenses to date of $27,970.63.  Also included was the Cash Flow statement through September 30, 2014.

 A motion was made by Chevalier, seconded Braaten to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Unanimous consent.

Committee Organization:

The Board reviewed the current committee structure and membership and approved distributing it to the membership.  If anyone is interested serving on a committee, they should contact the Board Representative for the committee.  The Board requested that it be posted on the Baycrest Web Site.

Committee  Reports:

  1. Architectural:  The Board reviewed the application procedure and suggested several changes to the application as it relates to the CC & R’s.  The Board requested that the Committee meet to review the changes and submit any revisions to the November Board Meeting.   The Board reviewed three applications.
  1. An application was received from Dick and Dianne Cordes at 305 Birchcrest Drive to install an above ground Propane tank due to the failure of the underground tank.  A motion by Braaten, seconded by Chevalier to approve the recommendation from the Architectural Committee to approved the request.  Unanimous consent.
  2. An application was received from Chet and Gaylyn Bisel at 221 Basswood Trail to remove and install a new bituminous driveway and parking pad on the garage lots.  A motion was made by Chevalier, seconded by Braaten to approve the recommendation from the Architectural Committee to approve the request.  Unanimous consent.
  3. A complete application including 5 sets of architectural plans, color selection samples, and complete project description was received from Jeff Colla at 242 Baycrest Road to raise the roof and upgrade the porch and deck to his home.  A motion was made by Braaten, seconded by Chevalier to approve the recommendation of the Architectural Committee to approve the project.  Unanimous consent.
  1. Capital Improvement:  The drainage projects located on Basswood Trail have been completed by Braaten Masonry.  A motion was made by Chevalier, seconded by Braaten to approve the change order to the original contract with Braaten Masonry in the amount of $2,750 to cover the cost of installing a catch basin and drain tile at 215 Basswood Trail, installing the concrete swale at 217 Basswood Trail, and the landscape swale at 157 Baycrest Road.  Unanimous consent.
  2. Sewer/Water:  No report.
  3. Pool:  The Board approved the $460 fee to renew the Minnesota Department of Health required pool license.  The Board accepted Dick Cordes’s resignation as part-time pool manager and thanked him for his service.
  4. Safety: No report.
  5. Beautification:  The entrance sign painting will be completed in the spring.
  6. Beach and Marina:  The Board discussed the need to add additional rail to the main dock and the need to add more dock and slips as necessitated by the addition of 4 new requests in addition to the existing 30 slips for the 2015 season.  The Board will consider the approval of these additions at the November meeting.  In addition, the Board discussed the possible need to increase the Lift and the Marina fees in lieu of increased costs.  The will be an agenda item in November.

Old Business:

  1. Tiling and Ponds:  Rick Erickson, contractor is working on a written proposal.
  2. Crow’s Nest:  Braaten reported that he will install the Deck #2 poles if weather permits.

New Business:

  1. David and Dianne Baukol: The Board reviewed the request from David and Dianne Baukol to set a special meeting of the Baycrest Homeowner’s Association to consider their proposal to build a garage on the adjacent lot to their home located at 220 Baycrest Road.  After lengthy discussion involving the procedures of calling a special meeting, the timing of the special meeting, and the need to visit with the Baukols regarding their request, a motion was made by Braaten, seconded by Chevalier to table any action until the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting so the Baukols can be present.  Unanimous consent.
  2. Next Meeting Date:  The next scheduled board meeting date is set for Monday, November 24, 2014 at the Flolo home.

Adjournment:  A motion was made by Chevalier, seconded by Braaten to adjourn the meeting at 9:27 p.m. Unanimous consent.


Virgil Christianson, Secretary-Treasurer